Siberian Lights presents a rehearsed reading of ‘Mercury Fur’ by Philip Ridley, directed by Ellie Heydon. See this script like you’ve never seen it before, in a dystopian world where only women have survived.

Date: 12/06/2016
Time: 7pm
Location: The Pleasance, Islington

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Mercury Fur is set in a post-apocalyptic version of London’s East End, where gang violence and drugs – in the form of hallucinogenic butterflies – terrorise the community. The protagonists are a gang of youths surviving by their wits. They deal the butterflies, selling them to their addicted customers from locations such as the now burnt-out British Museum. Their main source of income, however, is holding parties for wealthy clients in which their wildest, most amoral fantasies are brought to life.

The play, during nearly two uninterrupted hours, centres on a party which revolves around the sadistic murder of a child, enacted according to the whims of a guest. The gang ultimately has to face the question… how far are they willing to go to save the people they love?


Elliot – Imogen Morris
Darren – Evie Killip
Naz- Emily Jane McNeil
Lola- Tessie Orange-Turner
Spinx- Gemma May
Duchess- Suzy Gill
Party Guest- Lily Fleur-Bradbury 


Director- Ellie Heydon
Assistant Director: Sam Ward
Casting Director- Arabella Neale
Stage Manager- Rachel Hendry