The Goodnight Girl Casting

We are taking applications via self-tape. Take a look at the parts below and send us an email stating who you would like to be seen for and we can let you know the finer details and pop through the sides for taping.

Deadline for self tapes: March 28th
Cast meet&greet: April 9th (eve)
Rehearsals: April 22nd, 23rd, 24th
Show: April 24th (eve)


Brigitte – 16. Sparky. Northern. The wayfarer with worn shoes and tough spirit. Without knowing it, she is the moral compass of the group. The wide eyed reminder of what they all once were before the red light.

Penny – 24. Transgender. The good time, good night girl. The storyteller with nothing but a sex line and an ear for desire. She is the voice of reason and advice, a sympathetic voice amidst the lust and the loss. The one determined to show you the brighter side, even when there isn’t one.

Zsa-Zsa – 24. Hard shell, cold shoulder. The good riddance, good night girl, who hides no warts nor scars. She is old East End, all sharp edges and no curve. The fighter who would rather pick every battle or none at all.

Nell – 18. The do-good, good night girl. The girl who counts street lamps as stars and strangers as soul mates. Any light is right to her, even the neon ones. She puts home and friends before herself, even if she might befit the price.

Margot – 20. Parisian and don’t you forget it. The Good God, good night girl. The cream cake with a saw at its centre. She can lay with dogs but she’ll never catch fleas, muddy her hands while her palms stay clean. The out of this world star of her own show, which is the only show that counts. Self serving as she might be, she’d save you if you were drowning. Only just.

Lucille – 18. The Good Try, good night girl. The rock. The big sister they fantasise about on greeting cards. The princess who’d tunnel out of the tower instead of waiting for long hair and tardy knights. Lioness. She protects her own, no matter how big the predator.

Frankie – 26. Male. Essex everyman with big town dreams. Entrepreneur. Conman. Two sides of the same coin, depending on who flips it. Not quite a boy, not quite a man, an inbetweener in possession of ambition tuned firmly North, determined nothing should stand in his path.

Des – 30. Male. Solemn with almost unnatural stillness. He speaks when there is something to say or never at all. He is no high flyer and he knows it, preferring to pick at low hanging grapes than risk tripping and falling in pursuit of higher fruit. Well. Mostly.

Felix – 49. Male. Landlord. A man still hanging on to the trappings of a bachelor youth, though the mornings after are starting to wear thin. A chess master determined to win every piece, be they pawn or knight or queen.