The ladies are back with another showing of new work, and this time it’s going to get messy. Enter our cubicle and join in the naughty shinanigans that bring women together in the toilet.

Bridesmaids with less glamour,
Women with less to say,
A play with much less humour.
Set in a toilet.

It’s 2am on some idle Friday. Five women collide in the only place for honesty… a club toilet. Dames tells the story of five dysfunctional millennials struggling to make sense of the world beyond the powder-bog. Dive into a cubicle of inebriated women drowning in their own word-vomit. Charlotte Merriam’s debut play is a gloriously rude, obscure and shambolic depiction of a quarter life crisis.

“Is semen vegan?”

Date: 14/07/2017
Time: 7:45
Location: SLAM, Kings Cross

Produced and created by Siberian Lights
Written by Charlotte Merriam

Kate- Arabella Neale
Bianca- Olivia Elsden
Emily- Ellie Heydon
Erin- Charlotte Merriam
Cardiff- Mel Stevens

Director- Jamie Garven
Stage Manager- Rachel Hendry

Many thanks to Royal Welsh for giving us rehearsal space and support throughout the process.