DAMES by Charlotte Merriam

A Raucous Revelation of the Female Underworld
The Pleasance Theatre

It’s 2am on some idle Friday. Six women collide in the only place for honesty… a club toilet. Dames tells the story of six dysfunctional millennials struggling to make sense of the world beyond the bog. Dive into a cubicle of inebriated women drowning in their own word-vomit. Charlotte Merriam’s debut play is a gloriously rude, obscure and shambolic glimpse of females with no filter.

Dames is the first full production to be developed and presented by Siberian Lights, inspired by the hundreds of women involved with their network.





Exec Producer- Rachel Kraftman Productions

Creative Producers – Siberian Lights 

Director- Jamie Garven

Set Designer- April Dalton

Stage Manager- Joshua Bowles

The Cast

Bianca – Olivia Elsden

Emily – Ellie Heydon

Erin – Charlotte Merriam

Ginny – Bianca Stephens

Cardiff – Mel Stevens

Kate – Arabella Neale