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What We Do

Siberian Lights is a female centric creative community set up in 2015.

Our Mission

We know how hard it can be to get your foot in the door. Many actress’, writers or directors are being boxed into gender stereotypes, offered less opportunities or simply aren’t being challenged.

Our aim is to celebrate diversity and creativity by giving talented actresses a platform into the industry and a playground to flex their acting muscles.

Siberian Lights connects a network of talented performers, writers and directors in order to give women a voice in theatre.

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“Thanks to Siberian Lights, my creativity finally has a home. I feel so supported and loved in an industry that can make you feel so alone. I have made friends for life and opened doors that I never thought possible.These girls changed my life.”

- Olivia Bernstone, Actress

The Team


Bella Neale

Olivia Elsden

Charlotte Merriam

Ellie Heydon